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CoRegistration Email Leads

Sales_LeadsIf you are looking to build your own internal list of consumers directly interested in your products and services, then co-registration is a marketing channel you need to consider. These are leads that are generated by placing your companies advertisement on the site registration path of many different websites that have a flow of visitors that meet your advertising criteria. As they provide there name, address, phone, email, and other information to register to that particular site, they will see your company ad, and if interested "click it" to provide you with the same information... while they register on one site, they "Co"-register to yours with a single click! has the right network partners and resources to place your ad where it will get maximum exposure from your target demographic audience. This registration information will be delivered to you in real time or in daily batches and will be your own internal opt-in list that you can market to with email, direct mail, or phone calls at your discretion with no other costs. The best part is that you can have the advertising exposure already being driven to these sites and only pay for leads that have specifically requested to be contacted by your company... the co-registrations are 100% opt-in.

Co-registration is a lead generation program that gives you the opportunity to build your own opt-in prospect lists for direct sales, e-newsletters, memberships, loyalty programs, catalog subscriptions, new product launches and much more.

Consider these points:

  • Cost effective/Budget Control

    Cap your number of leads daily, weekly, or monthly to stay within your budget.

  • Top quality offers

    We only work with top brands and web properties.

  • Custom-designed registrations

    Registration offers are customized to look exactly like your website and can include special questions for the consumer to answer to further qualify them for your product and service.
  • Data verification

    Our advanced data verification technology will weed out any fictitious submissions making sure what you get is a real prospect with the right contact information.

  • Relevancy

    Our technology self-optimizes and dynamically targets prospect visitors with appropriate offers while you, in turn, earn the highest possible revenue.

  • No incentives or pre-checked boxes

    We avoid the use of any incentives for registration so that the prospect is truly looking to be contacted by you and not win a free ipod or laptop computer... and no boxes are pre-checked that requires the consumer to "opt-out" or automatically co-register... when you receive a new lead... it is 100% opt-in by someone expressed interest in doing business with you.

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