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Sales Leads If you are looking to help your sales staff achieve higher goals... you need to provide them with a steady flow of good qualified leads! has the resources to place your advertisement on some of the most highly visited websites, allowing the consumers that see your ad and want to learn more about your products and services request information directly from you by clicking on your ad and filling out your customized lead qualifier form. These leads can be delivered to you in real time allowing you and your sales staff to contact while their interest is still peaked! offers several lead generation programs that will be sure to bring in the sales... we offer Direct Email lead generation, Co-registration Leads, and through Banner Advertising mentioned above.

We have relationships with multiple affiliate networks giving us the reach and targeting abOnline lead Generationility greater than any one network by itself allowing us to deliver your ad directly to your target consumer. We will suggest the lead program that will work best for products and services or help to further optimize the programs you are already having success with. The lead generation forms we use are equipped with front end verification technology and custom validation scripts that will kick out any names or addresses that are frivolous and will further validate the address with the USPS. We do not use any incentives to entice lead submissions which will the quality right out of a qualified lead, we want the consumer to be directly interested in your product and service and nothing else... that is what makes a quality lead.

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